October Book Club

For the month of October the Kilbourn Public Library will be reading and discussing Moonglow by Michael Chabon. Moonglow is a story inspired by Chabon's conversations with his terminally ill grandfather in 1989. Readers will find themselves enthralled by this tale of war, adventure, love and desire. It also chronicals the American technological accomplishments of the mid-twentieth century and highlights the power of lies and secrets. From the Jewish slums of pre-war South Philadelphia to the invasion of Germany, from a Florida retirement village to the penal utiopia of New York's Wallkill prison, from the heyday of the space program to the twilight of the "American Century," the novel revisits an entire era through a single life and compresses this lifetime into a single week. According to Amazon.com, this book is a lie that tells the truth, a work of fictional nonfiction, an autobiography wrapped in a novel disguised as a memoir, Moonglow is Chabon at his most moving and inventive. This book will be discussed twice in October:
*Wednesday, October 25 at 1:30 p.m.
*Monday, October 30 at 6:30 p.m.

If you can't make it join in on the discussion on our blog at kplbookclub.blogspot.com