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Our Relevance: Why the Library?


When we left off, we were making reference to our library being the cultural center of our community...

The citizens of our thriving, creative community help shape the library, which is a venue for lifelong learning. The Kilbourn Public Library promotes the well-being of individuals and assists them to become more productive in their jobs and in their personal lives through enrichment opportunities and the enjoyment of our materials. Public libraries have always been the “People’s University,” and your library can offer tailored information services that can help you reach your goals.  

Your local library is a dynamic investment on your tax dollar, and so are the librarians who staff your local library. According to a recent study, Wisconsin public libraries provide a return on investment of $4.06 for every dollar of public tax support that they receive.

In today's knowledge-based society, good investments are ones that have very little downside risk and a good potential for going up in value. Library use increases during economic hardships, and today libraries significantly contribute to "halo spending." Many of our patrons also patronize local businesses that are located close to the library, giving a financial boon to downtown Wisconsin Dells.

While the Kilbourn Public Library offers materials and services free of charge, it is a publicly funded institution that continually relies on your support.

Come and see what we have to offer you!

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620 Elm Street Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965


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Monday through Thursday
9 am - 8 pm

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