July Book Discussion

Kilbourn Public Library

This month we will be reading and discussing Circe by Madeline Miller. This novel is a journey into Greek mythology focusing on the story of Circe, the daughter of Helios,  the sun god. It is a bold and captivating retelling of the goddess's story recasting the most infamous character from the Odyssey and a heroine in her own right. We will be delving into this suspenseful and mesmerizing book on Monday, July 29 at 6:30pm and Wednesday, July 31 at 1:30pm. As part of our Summer Book Discussion Events we will also be offering a sampling of Greek food to enhance the experience. If you are unable to attend the book discussion events in person, please feel welcome to visit our book club blog at kplbookclub.blogspot.com to share your comments and questions about the book.