Recovery is Real: 4-Part Series

Join Kilbourn Public Library and Ulrike Gruenberg in a lively online discussion about the meaning of recovery, whole-person recovery, and learn about different pathways to recovery, hope and resources. When we think of recovery we often think of addiction recovery first, and then perhaps mental health recovery. Some of us go as far as to say that we're all in recovery from something. Ulrike believes that too. Something takes a hold on us, a mental health challenge, a relationship, parenting, our own expectations and perfectionism, an addiction issue, even our need to control things. Throughout the month in this 4-part series we will be exploring what lies in the heart of recovery and why it  can be life-changing.

"Recovery helped me get closer to myself and thereby get closer to life." Ulrike Gruenberg, a person in long-term recovery, Life & Recovery Coach, will be introducing the topic through Facebook sessions Wednesdays in September. Questions may be submitted in advance and are welcome throughout the series. Questions can be e-mailed to the library or sent directly to Ulrike through her website